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Earlobe Repair - Lumberton, NC

Piercing an earlobe places it at risk of tearing. The amount of stretching of the earlobe opening depends on the size, style and weight of the earrings you wear. The larger, dangle style earrings can easily catch on clothing or be grasped by a child resulting in a partially or completely torn earlobe. Repair of a torn earlobe is performed by our doctor for patients in our region using a local anesthetic. Torn and elongated ear lobes are repaired with a minor surgical procedure. Most torn ear lobes can be repaired by simply taking out the edges of the tear and repositioning the new edges evenly and allowing them to heal in place. Elongated, and misshaped earlobes can shortened or reshaped to provide a more attractive, youthful appearance. And filler injections make thin earlobes thicker and more resistant to tears in the future.

How long is recovery from earlobe repair?

Ears and earlobes generally are healed within 14-21 days after surgery.  Dr. Hendricks usually will remove any sutures in 12-14 days after your ear or earlobe repair procedure.

How soon can I wear earrings after earlobe repair surgery?

Wait about two months before you get your earlobe re-pierced. 
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